TJS Importer

TJS Importer

for NinjaTrader (Futures, Forex, Stocks).

We set out to build an importer tool that would work with the vast majority of broker export files. After much work had been completed, we sadly found out that only Ninja Trader, and to some extent Sierra Charts, were able to export data in an organized format conducive to ‘trade-tracking’.

Please know, if you take multiple profit exits, your Ninja export file can group these together (for up to three separate exits, called the ATM strategy). If you are an “All-in/All-out” trader, or take three or less profit exits per trade, the TJS Importer will be a real time saver.

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The TJS Importer for Ninja, allows you to designate columns of your broker export sheet and have that data automatically sent to the corresponding columns in the TJS Trading-log sheet.

Ninja export instructions

For active traders, this should be a real time-saver. You’ll be able to import the following data:

  • Instrument (Symbol)
  • Account
  • Market Pos. (Long / Short)
  • Quantity
  • Entry Price
  • Exit Price
  • Entry Date/Time
  • Exit Date/Time
  • Commission
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