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Trading Journal Spreadsheet ™

Analysis for: Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex, Spread Betting, CFD and Cryptocurrency traders.

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Where Trades Come to Life!

For over a decade, the Trading Journal Spreadsheet has been turning raw trading data in to refined evaluation analysis. Track every move you make in multiple (personalized) performance tracking categories.

Better trading, through better Analysis!

A TJS for ALL Traders!

Whether you trade single or multiple markets, the TJS has a version for you: Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex, Spread Betting, or Cryptocurrencies.

We’ve made every effort possible to ensure your TJS experience exceeds your expectations!

TJS Elite Support

To get the support you deserve from a Trading Journal, it should come straight from the developer. We created the TJS; we stand behind our work and are here to assist you if you ever have questions or need support.

Analysis is only half of what we provide!

Get to know, the...

Trading Journal Spreadsheet ™

We created tons of amazing features and functionality in each TJS product.
Monitor image of the TJS Elite Trading Journal Spreadsheet Home Menu v8 version, in condensed mode

TJS Home Menu

Here’s a glimpse of the TJS Home Menu, where you’ll find all sheets neatly displayed in an aesthetically pleasing and organized format.

Each time you open the file, you’ll be greeted by the Home Menu asking, “where would you like to go?” You’ll have quick & easy access to all of the TJS product sheets, and even direct links to blank pages that you can use to create or consolidate your own worksheets.

Direct Support and Contact links are also included in your TJS Home Menu!

Image of the TJS Trading Journal Spreadsheet Analysis sheet, shown on a monitor

TJS Analysis

Customize & Analyze what’s important to “you”.

  • “At-a-Glance” display.
  • Expectancy figures for all categories.
  • Know your strength & weaknesses, and compare Strategy performance.
  • Track your mistakes (w/ cost & frequency).
  • Send to Mentor / Instructor function.
  • Filter the top producers from each category to find your “Ultimate Trade Scenario“.
  • View all Analysis by: Cumulative, Yearly or Monthly, and by Gross or Net P&L.
Image of the TJS Trading Journal Spreadsheet "Trading Log", shown on a desktop monitor

TJS Trading Log

User friendly, aesthetic design, and a plethora of great features and functionality, including:

  • Fixed header with cumulative results.
  • Equity-curve graph (with filter).
  • P&L Candlestick graph.
  • R-multiple Scatter Plot graph (except Options)
  • Embedded instructional tips.
  • Drop-down menus / Input error detection
  • Journal & Notes section.
  • Comprehensive, per trade analysis.
  • Trade Review, for each trade.

There’s much more!  View the TJS Gallery / Info page.

Let's find out more

TJS and Microsoft Excel... "Bringing Your Trades to Life!"

Easy to Use

We created the TJS to be user friendly with design features you’ll appreciate, like Text-button links to view various sections of the Trading Log, and Arrow-button links to get you back to where you came from. Just say no to scrollbars!

Why Excel?

The De-facto standard for spreadsheet software. Excel has the Data Power, Data Visualization, Customization, Advanced Features and Coding capabilities necessary to “Bring Your Trades to Life”. When choosing a Trading Journal, go with a proven platform developer and company that’s been devoted to trade analysis (for over a decade).

For (both) Windows and Mac Excel users

TJS products can be used by all Windows or Mac HighSierra (or greater) operating systems.

  • Mac users will need Excel 2016 (or greater), or Office 365
  • Windows users will need Excel 2010 (or greater), or Office 365

TJS Reviews

Traders just can’t stop talking about the Trading Journal Spreadsheet.
A few words from some of the happy TJS users around the globe.

Lance Beggs, trader educator

Best Value for Money

As someone who has been trading for over 10-years, I have to say that this is the best value for money trading spreadsheet I’ve come across.

~Lance Beggs / AU /
Randal Bal, Olympian And Market Trader

Best Trade Analysis Tool

You have developed the best trade tracking tool and I’m confident that traders looking to increase their performance and forecasting should use TJS.

~Randall Bal, Olympian / USA
Pal-Harald - Chief Analyst

Development Factors

My development to the trading level I’ve achieved is based on three factors: Mentorship, a Trading Plan, and use of the Trading Journal Spreadsheet.

~Pål-Harald Uthus, Chief Analyst / NORWAY
Stuart Young, Global Trading Tools founder

Great Customer Support

The Trading Journal Spreadsheet is the standout tool in trade tracking and analysis. It’s excellent value for money with great customer support.

~Stuart Young / / AU
Kam Dhadwar - Market Profile Specialist

In the Trading Room

There’s so many great features to your journal, our trading room members are enjoying the benefits where it counts, the bottom line – Profit!

~Kam Dhadwar / UK /
Trisha Ogilvie, Trader Educator

Does It All

This spreadsheet does it all for you. It tracks and analyzes everything you want and need. This is money well spent!

~Trisha / USA /

(5) Steps to the Trading Journal Spreadsheet

Plan It: Customize the TJS Analysis sheet to “track” what’s most important to you and your trading business.

Trade It: While gaining experience in the markets, record everything you do in the TJS Trading Log.

Analyze It: The TJS Analysis sheet automatically displays all pertinent stats (at a glance), for your review.

Identify Strengths & Weaknesses: The TJS alerts you to which categories are producing either a positive and negative expectancy.

Improve: You’ll soon have the knowledge needed to: trade confidently, perfect your plan, increase / decrease risk amounts, progress naturally as a seasoned trader, and become a standout trader.

Plan It
Trade It
Analyze It
Identify Strengths & Weaknesses
Watch Your Trading Improve

Let's Analyze your trades, shall we?

Not ready Yet?

Let’s view the Gallery and Info page

Inquiries, Feedback, Assistance

Trading Journal Spreadsheet

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