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At TJS, I get asked quite often about personal recommendations, so… I created this page.

I recognize that there is a plethora of trading resources at our disposal, so the following mentions will only cover people or products that I have personal knowledge in, or have been providing knowledgeable and trusted trading information for at least the past 5-years.

Please know, once I find something that I whole-heartily believe in, I’m not someone that keeps looking for the next (big/new/trendy) thing or opportunity. Thus, my list of resources will be slim… quality over quantity.

Education / Trading Room / Newsletters

Disciplined Trading Strategies - (the educational arm of TJS)

Disciplined Trading Strategies is an educational resource for traders and investors, run by Paul Lange.

Quite honestly, the TJS would probably not exist without the education that I received from Paul Lange. The education he provided allowed me to understand the footprints of money (technical analysis) in a way that I had not previously grasped. With that knowledge, I was able to create a journal that would analyze the various strategies that were taught by Paul, and then apply them to my own trading.

Paul takes a technical and psychological approach to trading, and over the years he’s developed a unique level of ‘unconscious competence’ that every trader should strive for. I’m quite certain Paul can lecture about trading – in his sleep.

If you’re a trader looking for expert and insightful knowledge of the Stock markets, I can’t recommend anyone better. Paul is on another level… an “Elite” trader.

YTC Price Action Trader

Your Trading Coach is an educational resource for traders, by Lance Beggs.

I’ve known Lance since 2009, and ever since, he’s been providing consistent and top-notch trading education, with the vast majority of it being free, via: Twitter, Facebook and his personal Newsletters.

Lance is a full-time technical, discretionary trader who specializes in trading the Emini NASDAQ futures, and trades by his own method called the YTC Price Action Trader.

If you trade the Emini Futures (or trade anything at all, really), please visit YourTradingCoach.

Trading Setups Review

Trading Setups Review is an educational resource for traders, by Galen Woods.

Galen Woods has put together a fantastic site with tons of great trading information.

On his website, he provides guides and articles for the following topics: Price Action Trading, Day Trading, and Trader Development.

If you’re looking for some great reading material to increase your trading knowledge, or take a course in “Day Trading with Price Action”, go visit  TradingSetupsReview.

Free Charting

Trading View

Chart (all) markets.  Exchange Ideas.  Get News.  Use the Screener… all for (free).

Why I like (and use) Trading View:

1) It’s easy to use… View multiple time frames, Annotate charts, Create watch lists, and you can even publish to social channels.

2) It’s cheap… There are lots of free features and functionality for general use. Advanced charting and features start at $12.95/month.

3) It has TONS of built-in indicators, but also allows you to write scripts to create your own indicators.

I personally use Trading View and use it on multiple computers (and find it lean and responsive for an older tablet). I love how I can easily mark-up and take screenshots of my trades that I use for the TJS Trade Review sheet.

* Although I’ve traded other markets in the past, for personal reasons and/or time-constraints I now only trade U.S. based Stocks (and recently have been trading) Cryptocurrencies. Therefore, my list may not pertain, or be of much help to you.

Trading Resources

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