TJS Elite

Bring Your Trades to Life!

  • Easy to use
  • Expertly crafted
  • Extremely informative.
  • Works with both Windows and Mac Excel
  • Individual or All Market products are available…
  1. Stocks including Equities, ETF’s, Indices, Funds
  2. Options including Binary Options
  3. Futures including Futures Spread Trading and Currency Futures
  4. Forex Pairs
  5. Spread-Betting (U.K. traders)
  6. CFD‘s

  The TJS comes with everything you see below  

…and everything is easily accessible with the unique TJS Home-MenuClick for the in-depth Product Slideshow, or scroll (below) for images.

Main sheets

Trading Log

tradinglog-tjs-elite Formatted to be user-friendly with an assortment of design features, including:
  • Fixed header with cumulative results
  • Equity-curve
  • Embedded tips
  • Error (input) detection
  • Conditional formatting
  • Drop-down menus
  • Comprehensive analysis
  • Journal notes
  • NEW… now includes Candlestick Progress Chart!
  • NEW… now includes printable Trade Summary sheet – (Mac Excel 2011 may have limitations).

Trading Log Images, (use browser back button to return): Stocks     Options     Futures     Forex     SpreadBet     CFDs

Example of Trading Log with entry data.



tracking-tjs-elite Customize it to track what’s most important to “you”!
  • Summarizes all closed trades and displays it “at-a-glance” for quick and easy analysis.
  • All Performance-tracking categories display the following: (# of total trades,  P&L,  Avg Win,  Avg Loss,  Win %,  Payoff Ratio,  Expectancy,  Frequency).
  • Get to know your Strengths & Weaknesses and see how patterns develop in your trading efforts.
  • Keep track of mistakes, know how much they’re costing you, and their frequency.
  • Filter and view all analysis by Month (and/or) Year.

Tracking sheet images, (use browser back button to return): Stocks     Options     Futures     Forex     SpreadBet     CFDs

 Example of Tracking sheet analysis

Supporting Tools

The TJS has an array of helpful tools to help you manage your trading business.

Expectancy Calculator

expectancy-tjs-elite Ever wondered how your current performance would play out in a 100-trade random sample?

Just plug in a couple stat related figures (gleaned from your TJS Tracking sheet), then watch the formulator go to work, while displaying a visual Equity-curve in the process.

Also, a great tool for running hypothetical or “what-if” scenarios.

Enlarge image



Drawdown Calculator

drawdown-tjs-elite Calculates your chances of a “Consecutive Loss Streak”, then tells you exactly how much equity you stand to lose based on your input criteria (current performance, or hypothetical).

Determine your potential drawdown for any given strategy or scenario!

A great tool when trying to design a winning trading system in accordance with your capital and risk management approach.

Enlarge image



Milestones Sheet

tjs-elite-milestones This sheet was created to keep track of significant events:
  • Highest (R)Trade (Win / Loss)
  • Largest Single Trade (Gain / Loss)
  • Consecutive Trades (Won / Lost)
  • Consecutive (Profit / Loss) Streak
  • Average Net P&L, per trade
  • Average Risk Amount, per trade
  • Average Quantity, per trade
  • Average Reward to Risk, per trade

Visual bar graphs are included with each event.

Enlarge image


Position Size Calculator

position-sizer-tjs-elite This sheet will calculate exactly how many shares (contracts, or units) to purchase based on user-defined parameters.

A “quick-glance” matrix section is included… Print and keep nearby for a quick access view, before placing your next trade!

    • Print area is pre-set, in reduced size

Enlarge image (This is an example of the Futures Position Size Calculator)


Scale In / Scale Out (for Multiple Entry or Exits)

scale-out-tjs-elite Not all trades go off with only one buy & sell transaction, so what do you do when taking multiple profit exits (or legging in to a trade)? 

The TJS Scale In / Scale Out sheet solves that issue by averaging your prices; capable of calculating up to (10) separate transactions for each (Entry/Exit) – results are mirrored in the Trading-log.

Enlarge image




broker-tjs-elite Keep all account balances in one place, for up to five different Account / Brokers.

You can even link an account to an individual market (Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex, etc) to get your proper risk amount on each trade – a calculation already built in to each markets TradingLog sheet.

Enlarge image



Reporting Analysis

reporting-tjs-elite Wish to know how you’re performing on a Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly basis?

Drag and Drop P&L analysis!



TradeSheet (manual note-taking sheet)

trade-sheet-tjs-elite For those that don’t wish to enter trades during the trading session…

The TJS Trading Sheet is designed to write down pre & post trade notes, which makes for an easy way to transfer your trading notes to the TJS Trading Log, after the market session is over.

No more relying on memory after a full day or week of trading activity!

    • Print area is pre-set to print in black & white.

Enlarge image


Trading Plan

trading-plan-tjs-elite Need help creating a Trading Plan? Use this handy template to create your own!

A private link is provided to download an MS Word template, along with a filled-out example.



Goals & Progress

progress-tjs-elite This sheet is provided if you wish to have a central location for writing down your Goals and Progress.

A progress pyramid link is included to gauge your progress during the various stages of your trading career.

Visit the TJS Goals & Progress page



250-Trade Random Generator

random-market-tjs-elite A cool ‘bonus’ sheet that you may find interesting to investigate!

Enlarge image



Home Menu

home-menu-tjs-elite Where would you like to go?

All sheets are neatly organized in the TJS Home Menu; navigating your way through the TJS is quick and easy!

Wish to consolidate your own personal spreadsheets into the TJS? No problem… Six blank sheets have been linked to the HomeMenu so you can import your own work and have it easily accessible.

Enlarge image

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