TJS Importer – purchase

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Currently, this tool only works with Ninja Trader

The TJS Importer utility will allow you to designate specific columns of your Ninja export sheet and have that data automatically sent to the corresponding columns in the TJS Trading Log sheet.

Once purchased, go to the TJS Home Menu > My Info > TJS Importer and enter your keycode. The keycode will unlock the hidden rows necessary to use this utility.

You will need Windows Excel to use the TJS Importer

Mac Excel 2011 will not work. Mac Excel 2016 has not currently been tested yet. Please inquire if you’d like to beta test.

Buy Now!

After purchase, you’ll be sent an activation code. Please enter that code in the (Keycode) box of the TJS Importer sheet.

Order total is 100% guaranteed:  No shipping charges – No taxes – No additional charges of any kind.