What version of Excel can I use?

As long as you have one of the following desktop versions of Microsoft Office (Excel) on your computer, you should have no issue using the TJS products *

  • 2007 Windows (fully updated to SP3)
  • 2010 Windows
  • 2011 Mac
  • 2013 – Windows (2013 faq)
  • 2016 – Windows / Mac **
  • Office 365 – Windows / Mac ** (365 faq)

* Free “online” versions have limited functionality and will not work for the TJS product.

** Some Mac users (not all) have issues displaying images (and/or) viewing the pop-up messages in Mac Excel 2016. If this is the case, please request a modified file – exclusively for Mac 2016 users.

Note: If you plan to use any of the following spreadsheet applications (please do not purchase):

Open Office,  Google Sheets,  Corel Quattro,  MS Works,  NeoOffice,  Apple/Mac Numbers,  MS Excel 2003 or 2008, or any “online” Office products.

They will not have the functionality needed to use the TJS product as intended. Please know, we cannot refund any product purchase that our processor states has been downloaded. Our advice is to not purchase unless you have, or intend to use one of the Excel applications listed in the bullet-points (above), as we are not able to troubleshoot issues that will arise from using other spreadsheet programs.


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