Create a screenshot for your TJS

Don’t have a screenshot utility? Read on to create your own screenshots by using the TJS Chart/Image maker, then link them to your trades  in the TJS Trading Log.
  1. Choose the Symbol near the top-left of the chart.
  2. Choose your Time-frame to the right of the Symbol.
  3. Use the Toolbar at the bottom of the chart (or Scroll wheel) to Zoom In/Out.
  4. Use the Drawing tools (optional) in the left-sidebar to mark your: Entry, Stop-loss, Target, Exit, etc.
  5. Save your chart by clicking the camera icon at the top-right of the chart, then…
    • Click the blue “Save image” link
    • Your image will appear on a web page
    • Right-click on the image and choose “Save image as”
    • Save it your computer, preferably in the same folder that you keep your TJS file.

Need more help linking your trade screenshot images? Did you know the TJS Trade Summary sheet can even display your images!