Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer Loyalty / Satisfaction Guarantee / Refund ProvisoTJS 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At TJS, we take great pride in making sure each and every client is completely satisfied.

After all, we’re still giddy with delight when trader’s see the true-value in the products we’ve created.

Why would anyone do any less than their best efforts to ensure customer “happiness”?

… which is why we provide Lifetime Support. That’s right, no questions left unanswered and no support issue ever forgotten.

Although the TJS is really very simple to use… 

Clear & simple instructions are given inside the product, and in the “Getting Started” slideshow. A Support Page has also been created for more detailed help, tips and instructions. If you don’t like support pages, no worry – just contact us instead for personal support.

If that’s not enough, we’re always available by: 

Please use the Contact Us form or send a direct email. We can even offer Phone and Remote Support if needed.

Satisfaction Guarantee – Refund Provisos

Please review all: Pages, Features, Slideshow, Images – to make sure this product has the features, functions and benefits you are seeking, before purchase.

Also, please understand that refunds (after download) cannot be given, unless the product is proven to be unusable as originally intended by the product creator. A remote support session will likely need to be conducted to see if the issue(s) can be fixed or resolved. If an issue cannot be resolved, leaving the product useless to the end user, a full refund will be applied! *

* Microsoft for Windows Excel version 2007 or 2010, 2013, Office 365, or Excel for Mac 2011, must be in proper working condition (installed using Microsoft defaults, and fully updated) in order to troubleshoot technical issues for TJS Elite.

– For Microsoft updates, please click here.

Refund requests can be made after an unsuccessful troubleshooting session has been completed, and within thirty (30) days of purchase.