Affiliate Partner Program

TJS Affiliate Partner Program

Are you a…

  • Trading Service Provider
  • Trading Instructor
  • Trading Educator
  • Trading Room Moderator

If so, the TJS Affiliate Partner Program can be a great synergy between your curriculum and our proven trade-tracking tools.

TJS partners can participate from any country in the world, and can rest assured that the products will continue to evolve over time to keep pace with the changing demands of today’s traders.

The Deal…

  • You promote good record-keeping practices by referring your clients to TJS.
  • TJS provides top-notch products, service and support to your clients.

TJS pays you 20% on the 1st of the month (for all prior month sales)!

It’s Easy…

  • No need to worry about Payments, Invoicing, Software Delivery or Customer Support… We take care of it all!
  • No setup fee, and no hidden performance targets to reach.
  • Your affiliate back office will keep track of your sales and reports.
  • To promote, it’s suggested to include your TJS affiliate link on any communication mediums that you have: Website, Newsletter, Blog article, Email, Twitter, Facebook… and include it any time you mention: Trade Tracking, Journaling, Record-keeping, etc. Even “verbally”… we got it covered.
For affiliate consideration, please remit the form below.

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