Trading Journal Spreadsheet

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spreadsheet-checkmark Make every trade count Track every move you make in multiple (customizable) performance tracking categories. Interact with your trade data to make sound trading decisions.

spreadsheet-checkmark It’s never been easier Record your trades in the Trading Log and let TJS be your personal trade analyzer. Your progress is displayed (at-a-glance) in an easily understood manner.

spreadsheet-checkmark Complete package The Trading Journal Spreadsheet provides competent and effective trade analysis, making trading life easier, and traders more confident and successful.



Easy to use, expertly crafted, extremely informative.


Whether you trade a single market, or multiple markets, there’s a TJS version for all traders! Choose from one of our individual market products: Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex, Spread Betting, CFD, or our “All-in-One” version.

You’ll find advanced analysis, reporting and design features in each product, and all sheets are accessed through a neatly designed icon inspired HomeMenu.


Simplicity & Elegance in a spreadsheet !

Better Trading, through Betting Analysis… Trading Journal Spreadsheet.

You’ll know exactly what your…

checkmark-graph-small Trade Count ◊ P&L ◊ Win % ◊ Payoff Ratio ◊ ExpectancyFrequency - All TJS statistics are crucial, relevant and synergistic stat’s that you can’t afford to trade without, and all are found in each of your Performance-tracking categories. Go to TJS trading terminology.

You’ll keep track of…

checkmark-graph-small Mistakes / Errors – What will you do with the extra profits earned (or diminished losses taken) by seeing exactly what your mistakes and errors are costing you? 

You’ll gain confidence…

checkmark-graph-small ◊ Knowing exactly how you perform in (7) Performance-tracking categories. ◊ Knowing where to focus your efforts when strategies are producing a positive expectancy. ◊ Knowing which trading activity is depleting your Capital. You’ll have an array of arsenal to instill confidence and provide the knowledge your trading business needs.

You’ll love…

checkmark-graph-small The TJS, especially if you are a newer trader who wishes to potentially take months to years off your learning curve while refusing to become part of the 90% club? From instructors, educators, fund managers… on down to the new aspiring trader, the TJS is now being used by traders in 91 countries – come see what the love is about!


The Trading Journal Spreadsheet… Small investment. Huge dividends!




5-Steps to profitable trade tracking

◊ Plan it … ◊ Trade it … ◊ Track it … ◊ Identify … ◊ Improve!

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trade-tracking-5-steps Plan It: Customize the TJS Tracking sheet to “track” what’s most important to you and your business.

Trade It: To gain the experience needed to perfect your trading plan, you’ll need to actively trade.

Track (Record) It: Record your trade information into the TJS Trading log. All pertinent stats are displayed in the Tracking sheet for analytical viewing.

Identify Strengths & Weaknesses: The TJS notifies you of which trading categories are producing a positive expectancy, and which are not.

Improve: You’ll soon have the knowledge needed to trade confidently, to perfect your plan, and know when it’s justifiable to increase or decrease risk amounts.

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