Trading Journal Spreadsheet


Trade tracking for: Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex, Spread-betting, and CFD‘s

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Thousands of traders in over 90 countries rely on the TJS.

The Trading Journal that’s devoted to you and your trading business.


spreadsheet-checkmark Make every trade count Track every move you make in multiple (customizable) performance tracking categories. Interact with your trade data to make sound trading decisions.

spreadsheet-checkmark It’s never been easier Record your trades in the Trading Log and let TJS be your personal trade analyzer. Your progress is displayed (at-a-glance) in an easily understood manner.

spreadsheet-checkmark Complete package The Trading Journal Spreadsheet provides expert analysis, making trading life easier and traders more confident and successful. View product info.



There’s a Trading Journal Spreadsheet for all traders!

tjs-homemenu Whether you trade a single market or multiple markets – the TJS has a version for you: Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex, Spread Betting, CFD, orAll-in-One“. Advanced analysis and beautiful design come together in each TJS product. Click the image for a glimpse of the icon inspired TJS HomeMenu.

Easy to use, expertly crafted, extremely informative.



You’ll know the following about your trades:

checkmark-graph-small Trade Count, P&L, Win %, Payoff Ratio, Expectancy, Frequency

All TJS statistics are crucial, relevant and synergistic stat’s that you can’t afford to trade without, and all are found in each of your Performance-tracking categories.


You’ll keep track of… Mistakes / Errors – Diminish your losses by knowing exactly what your mistakes and errors are costing you, and how often you are committing them.


You’ll gain confidence…

    • Knowing key analysis in (8) Performance-tracking categories.
    • Knowing where to focus your efforts when realizing a positive expectancy.
    • Knowing which trading activity is depleting your Capital.

You’ll have the knowledge needed to instill the confidence your trading business needs.


You’ll love… The TJS, especially if you are a newer trader who wishes to potentially take months to years off your learning curve while refusing to become part of the 90% club? From instructors, educators, fund managers… on down to the new aspiring trader, the TJS is now being used by traders in 93 countries – come see what the love is about!


The Trading Journal Spreadsheet (Simple, Elegant, Knowledgeable)

Small investment. Huge dividends!

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5-Steps to profitable trade tracking.



  • Plan It: Customize the TJS Tracking sheet to “track” what’s most important to you and your business.
  • Trade It: While gaining experience in the markets, record everything you do in the TJS Trading Log. 
  • Track It: The TJS Tracking sheet will automatically display all pertinent stats for analytical viewing.
  • Identify Strengths & Weaknesses: The TJS alerts you to which Performance-tracking categories are producing positive and negative (expectancy) results.
  • Improve: You’ll soon have the knowledge needed to: trade confidently, perfect your plan, increase or decrease risk amounts and progress naturally as a trader.


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