White Label – TJS


The TJS White Label Program is a great opportunity for:

  • Trading instructors
  • Trading educators

The TJS While Label version is based on the TJS Elite product, and will incorporate your brand logo in no less than four sheets – depending on version configuration – and all logo’s are linked back to your site.

Your clients will not need to go to this TJS site to receive their product.

A download page will be created (with your Logo). You’ll simply accept the payment from your client, then give TJS your client Name and Email address so we can send their product download link.

Payments to TJS are made prior to the client receiving their product

Payable to TJS via PayPal (click link if you need to create an account),or an invoice can be sent for one (or a specific number of) product credits.


  • You are willing and able to promote good record-keeping practices by offering your clients the TJS.
  • You have an established
  • TJS custom configures your product of choice, and creates your customized download process.

TJS pays you 25% on the 1st of the month (for all prior month sales)!

It’s Easy…

  • No need to worry about Payments, Invoicing, Software Delivery or Customer Support… We take care of it all!
  • No setup fee, and no hidden performance targets to reach.
  • Your affiliate back office will keep track of your sales and reports.
  • To promote, it’s suggested to include your TJS affiliate link on your website and include it any time you mention anything about (trade journaling, recording & tracking, etc.)… whether it be by email, in a newsletter, blog article, etc. Even “verbally”… we got it covered.
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