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Bringing your trades to life!Trade, Track, Analyze


Created for Optimus Futures traders seeking to record, track & analyze their trades.

All product sheets (seen below) are easily accessible with the unique TJS Home-Menu.



 This product version comes with everything you see below 


Trading Log

tradinglog-tjs-elite Formatted to be user-friendly with an assortment of design features, including:

  • Fixed header with cumulative results
  • Equity-curve
  • Embedded tips
  • Error (input) detection
  • Conditional formatting
  • Drop-down menus
  • Comprehensive analysis
  • Journal notes

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tracking-tjs-elite Customizable to track what’s most important to “you”!

  • The Tracking sheet summarizes all recorded trade information and displays it “at-a-glance” for quick and easy analysis.
  • Each individual performance tracking category will tell you the following: # of total trades, P&L, Win %, Payoff Ratio, Expectancy, Frequency.
  • Knowing your Strengths & Weaknesses and seeing patterns develop in your trading efforts is the sole purpose of this unique, one-of-a-kind sheet!

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The TJS (Optimus Futures) SpreadSuite

All sheets below are included inside the file!

Position Size Calculator

position-sizer-tjs-elite This sheet will calculate exactly how many shares (contracts, or units) to purchase based on user-defined parameters.

A “quick-glance” matrix section is included… Print and keep nearby for a quick access view, before placing your next trade!

  • Print area is pre-set, in reduced size



Scale In / Scale Out (for Multiple Entry or Exits)

scale-out-tjs-elite Not all trades go off with only one buy & sell transaction, so what do you do when you’re active in a particular position and need a way to calculate the Qty’s and average-out all those prices?

This sheet solves that issue – capable of calculating up to (10) separate transactions for each (Entry/Exit) – results are mirrored in the trading-log.



Broker Accounts

broker-tjs-elite Keep your account balances consolidated with this handy ledger sheet.

Up to five different Brokers (or Accounts) can be entered.



Trading Sheet

trade-sheet-tjs-elite For those that don’t wish to enter trades during the trading session…

This sheet is designed to write down pre & post trade notes, which makes for an easy way to transfer your trading notes to your trading log, after the market session is over.

No more trying to rely on memory after a full day or week of trading activity!

  • Print area is pre-set to print in black & white.



Home Menu

home-menu-tjs-elite Where would you like to go?

All sheets are neatly organized and displayed, making all sheets easily accessible.

Wish to consolidate your own personal spreadsheets into the TJS? No problem… Six blank sheets have been linked to the Main Menu so you can import your own work while having easy access to those files.

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