TJS beginnings

The early days were akin to navigating a jungle full of killer predators, without a local guide to keep me from harms way. An old trading partner of mine summed it up best when he said,

“The Market will eat you up and spit you out and cuddle you back into her arms every day, and when you get fed up she will outsmart you, entice you and bring you back all over again.”

As a novice trader trying to take his pittance from the Wall Street Jungle, I found that to be the truth!

trading-a-ha-moment However, I firmly believed that if I had the right tools, tactics and mindset, I could become a consistently  profitable trader. I read all the trading books, attended dozens of seminars and was educated by a couple of the trading world’s elite. Yet, I still (literally) committed 100’s of mistakes before finally realizing my final “A-ha” moment to becoming the trader that I aspired to be.

“My moment was having the foresight to set out on an entirely different journey… to create my very own (unique) performance-tracking spreadsheet – it turned out to be my missing link.”

Of course, I could not have had the good sense to create such a tool without experiencing all of my earlier journeys. But I can tell you this,

“Consistent profitability did not come to me until after creating and implementing this Performance-tracking journal into my daily trading regimen.”

The Trading Journal Spreadsheet began in 2005 as a way to track my own personal trading progress. By 2007, I had shared what I created with a handful of other trading cohorts. They all loved it, and more importantly, they benefited from the analysis it provided, and were adamant that it should be available to other aspiring traders.

In March of 2007, the very first TJS was purchased (on Ebay) by a trader in Germany. A positive review came shortly after, and the quest to provide a TJS to traders around the globe began. Since those early days, the TJS product has gone through countless improvements and updates, and is now being used by thousands of traders in nearly 100 countries. 

Personally, the TJS has turned out to be my very best ally, and from the 100’s of positive feedback reviews, it proves to be a favorite piece of arsenal in many other traders tool chests as well. There is no way I’d trade without it, and am blessed each and every day that I get to help other traders track and analyze their trades. Cheers to you!

Give it a try and watch how your trading unfolds.