Options – Trades Expiring Worthless


With any of the Options selling strategies, the goal is to let what is sold expire worthless. This could include:

Credit Spreads, Bear Call Spread, Bull Put Spread, Iron Condor, selling Naked Calls and Puts, and other selling strategies.

At some point, you may see an Excel error message, like (#DIV/0), and this can happen when entering a “0” in the Exit Price cell. To avoid any potential Excel formula errors, and to ensure a proper Gross P&L, you’ll want to enter your prices in the following manner.

Let’s say you are selling a Credit Spread for $1.25. Make the entry price “1.2501”, and then put the exit price at “0.0001”.  It doesn’t make a difference in the calculations, but it gets around any potential (divide by 0) error messages.