Help – I received the “Registration Error”

Apologies for this inconvenience. Although this issue is mentioned in the “Thank You” email sent after purchase, we understand that it can be easily missed.

The message you received is due to using the file on a new (or 2nd) computer or reloading Excel on your original computer. In either case, TJS has detected a change in settings and has temporarily locked the file to adhere to the EULA license restrictions.

There are three alternatives:

1) Locate your “Thank You” email and click the link that mentions using the TJS on a 2nd computer. If you cannot locate the email, contact TJS for instructions.

2) Reset your existing file. Send your file (via email attachment). It will be reset and forwarded back to you.

3) Update your old TJS with a newer version. Lots of great changes may have taken place since your original purchase, and the new file will reflect these changes along with automatically resetting to your new (or 2nd) computer. Click to view the TJS Changelog and Update information.


Thank you!