Does the TJS use a Data-feed for prices?

Please know, the TJS is not a price updating service, rather a trade-tracking journal specifically created to provide pertinent analysis for your Closed trades. Thus, there would be no need to have constantly updating prices in a trade-tracking  journal. We believe our efforts are better spent on improving the trade-tracking experience without adding to the complexity of the product via unreliable add-on (data-feed) services.

Please know, since the TJS workbook is protected (in accordance with the EULA), it will not be possible for the end user to add an outside data source to their TJS file.

Also, the TJS offers products for all the various markets around the world, of which plug-ins are not available for, or are prone to becoming troubleshooting nightmares. In an attempt to having a consistent product line experience, it would not make sense trying to incorporate a data-feed for one product when not available for the other markets.

All the TJS wants to see, to provide you with the best trading analysis, is a Gross P&L — which is achieved by a closing Exit Price, or a manual Profit/Loss entry.

Temporary prices can always be entered in the Exit Price column to view your current P&L.


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