“Open & Closed” equity calculations – does not apply to Forex, (and/or) should not be used if trading different quoted currencies within the same TradingLog.

The ‘open‘ equity field simply displays how much you stand to lose based on all open trades and how much they will cost you, minus the amount you’d lose if you entered a stop-loss. So, if you have a money management rule saying that you cannot risk more than a specific amount (total cumulative amount for all open trades), then this calculation will help you. However, If you don’t enter stop-loss prices in the Trading-log, this figure may not be of much use, as it will assume you’ll hold on to your position until it reaches zero. The ‘account‘ equity field simply takes the difference between all Open and Closed trades.

Note – The ‘closed’ equity field will not display once it detects a break in sequence (e.g. an open trade in between two closed trades). It will resume calculating when the next succession of ‘closed’ trades have been recorded. To get around this, simply click the “Sort” link, found underneath the upper-left banner in the TradingLog, or in the Exit Date cell in row 15 (depending on version).

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