About TJS

Since 2007, TJS has been a leading provider of Excel-based spreadsheets for traders, and a small business dedicated to providing the best (Tracking & Analysis) tools.

TJS is based out of Summerlin, at the edge of the Spring Mountains, about 12 miles west of the Las Vegas strip.

Greg Thurman, creator of the TJS, devotes his days to maintaining, progressing and supporting the Trading Journal Spreadsheet for its many thousands of users across the globe.

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TJS Timeline

The Early Days


Company Mission:

  • To provide valuable tools to traders who aspire to excel in their trading business.
  • To help traders evaluate their true market ‘edge’, giving reason to exploit those opportunities.
  • To help traders recognize when specific actions are becoming detrimental to their account.
  • To always offer the very unique Trading Journal Spreadsheet at a viable cost, and to give each client specialized service, and value for their money.

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Our primary trading principles:

First and foremost, we strive for “consistency“. To help achieve that, we adhere to the following trading “mantra”…

  • Having the KNOWLEDGE to know;… to know exactly what your ‘plan’ dictates at any given Market moment.
  • The PATIENCE to wait;… to wait for the exact moment to implement and put your ‘plan’ into action.
  • The DISCIPLINE to handle;… to handle each moment with the confidence of trading according to the rules of your ‘plan’.
  • The CONSISTENCY to win;… to win the right way, not by chance, but by a carefully constructed ‘plan’ of action.
  • Thus gaining the EXPERIENCE needed to become Unconsciously Competent to every market action & reaction you take.

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