Elite changelog

  tjs-elite-changelog TJS Elite (v1), beginning August 2011.

Like the TJS “Pro” before it, the TJS Elite comes to market as an entirely new product file, with new: Features, Functionality, Home Menu, Formatting, Data-Validation, Layout, Aesthetics, Macros, VBA Coding, etc. 

The TJS Elite continues to evolve; the following is a list of the more significant changes made to the TJS Elite since its inception.

Where do I find my version number? Most TJS versions have their version # listed towards the top-right of the Home Menu sheet.


TJS (v2), beginning July 2011

Tracking sheet,   “Broker Stats” section created.

Workbook,   Created coding allowing TJS to ‘reset’ the file in case the user executed the protection feature.

Workbook,   Created coding allowing users to use file on a 2nd computer.

TradingLog sheet,   Modified SQN formula – prior formula overestimated the quality of the system after 100 trades.

TradingLog sheet,   Added “Equity Calculations” showing Open/Closed equity.

Candlestick – new sheet,   Plot P&L progress based on a candlestick chart.

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TJS (v3), beginning February 2012

TradingLog sheet,   Created “Sort by Exit Date” function/link.

TradingLog sheet,   Created macro to Hide/Unhide MAE-MFE-BSO columns.

Tracking sheet,   Linked each Performance-tracking category heading to the corresponding column headers in the TradingLog sheet.

TradingLog sheet,   Created button/code to automatically insert 100 new trading log rows.

HomeMenu,   Created functionality to automatically import trade information from an older Elite file, to an updated Elite file.

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TJS (v4), beginning June 2012

Calendar – new sheet,   Enter important trading events coming up for the current month.

TradingLog sheet,   All “Identifier” columns are now fixed. Now easy to match column data to the far-right with their corresponding trade information.

Workbook,   Pop-up comment revisions.

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TJS (v5), beginning December 2012


  • TradingLog,   Created custom Filters for the Equity-curve graph. No longer just a cumulative equity-curve, but now users can view their ‘curve’ by filtering out specific Performance-tracking codes.
  • TJS Importer – new sheet,   Add-on functionality for “Ninja Traders” (does not work with most other broker export files).
  • TradingLog sheet,   Changed file-protect attributes, allowing users to modify column widths, and insert hyperlinks without having to unprotect the sheet.
  • Workbook,   Modified coding to fix “error on close” when other spreadsheets were open at the same time.
  • Accounts sheet,   Created a “Link-to” drow-down arrow, allowing users to link a specific account balance to one of the Tracking sheet headers.
  • TradingLog and Tracking sheets,   Made all pertinent cells (shrink to fit) to overcome the various screen resolution settings on users systems.


  • Tracking sheet,   Created button/code to ‘unlink’ the Account Capital to the Accounts sheet.
  • TradingLog sheet,   Created “Return to Column A” button. Now quick & easy to return to the left side of the TradingLog.
  • Forex TradingLog sheet,   Added text link for “Trade Input” help.


  • HomeMenu,   Added product version #, which previously was only in the file name.
  • TradingLog sheet,   Created “Mentor” button. Now all users can send a copy of their TradingLog sheet to a mentor/coach/partner, etc.
  • Tracking sheet,   Created “Mentor” button. Now all users can send a copy of their Tracking sheet to a mentor/coach/partner, etc.

v5.31 – v5.33

  • Forex: TradingLog sheet,   Revised all MAE/MFE calculations to 5-decimals.


  • Progress sheet,   Deleted images to reduce file size.
  • TradingLog sheets,   Deleted all unused Rows/Columns to reduce file size.


  • Futures Tracking sheet,   Replaced “Trade Category” with “Time of Day”.
  • Expectancy sheet,   Revised instructional comments.
  • Scale In/Out sheet,   Changed decimal formats and made all cells ‘shrink-to-fit’.


  • Tracking sheets,   Created button (coding) to Show/Hide all supporting data.
  • Options TradingLog sheet,   Created coding and new section, giving ability to change contract sizes for specific trades (Standard or Mini contracts, etc).
  • Futures PositionSizer,   Created functionality for Stop-loss pricing increments.
  • Workbook,   Lots of instuctional pop-up comment edits.

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TJS (v6)beginning May 30th 2013


  • Futures Position Sizer sheet,   Re-coded the 2/4-decimal macro.


  • Workbook,   Made it possible to save the file as ‘binary’ with the (.xlsb) extension, which significantly lessens the file size.


  • TradingLog sheet,   Minor aesthetic changes to the upper header section.
  • SpreadBet TradingLog,   Added input instruction for ‘Currency’ traders.


  • Workbook,   Changed file name extension to (.xlsb) format to significantly lessen the file size.
  • Workbook,   Revised coding for better compatibility with Excel 2013/365.
  • Tracking sheets (all),   Revised formatting in “Error Recognition” P&L column. – now displays both Positive & Negative amounts.


  • TJS Importer,   (Add-on sheet). Added default entry text when Forex TradingLog is chosen. Modified the Futures TradingLog default entry (Exit Date was displayed as Entry Date).


  • Workbook,   Modified vba coding for Mac users. The “Save-As” function, as well as TJS‘s “Sort by Exit Date” functionality should work now.
  • Futures Tracking sheet,   Linked the “Futures Symbols” header text to the TJS website Contract Size page.
  • Workbook,   Pop-up (instructional) comment changes and additions.


  • TradingLog(s),   Added formula to auto-calculate the “Day of Week” column in the Tracking Codes section.


  • Forex TradingLog,   Modified “Net P&L” calculation to include the Rollover Expense column.


  • Workbook,   Minor vba coding updates.


  • Forex Position Sizer,   Fixed (micro unit) calculation in the bottom-left ‘Cross-pair’ section.


  • Accounts sheet,  Reformatted columns resulting in a quicker import when using the TJS Data-transfer function.


  • TradingLog,   Fixed the “Sort by Exit Date” link, as all links were pointing to the Stocks TradingLog, regardless of which TradingLog was being used.

> Please feel free to contact us for a quick instructional fix or a manual work-a-round for v6.4.6b.

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TJS (v7)  

September, 2013

The “v7” is a significant update, taking more than 5-months to complete and nearly $4k in 3rd party coding costs. Thus, all “v7” update requests will incur a nominal $39.99 charge to help cover our time and expenses to make this update a reality.

There are too many modifications to list, as I really went through the file with a fine-toothed comb and spent many days just refining the small details (comments, formatting, formulas, coding, etc,.). Here’s a list of the major changes along with the more visual modifications:


  • Modified the top-header section to incorporate linked buttons instead of text links.
  • Formulated the “Day of Week” Tracking column to auto-populate after an Entry Date is entered. If “Day of Week” is not listed as a ‘Tracking’ category, the formula will not display anything.
  • Changed P&L bar color (now a neutral ‘blue’), and other aesthetic modifications.
  • Made all “Date” columns Shrink-to-fit.
  • Options TradingLog,   New Risk Amount formula to better work in conjunction with the new Contract Size formulas.


Tracking sheets:

  • Month / Year filters. Now, all performance-tracking analysis can be filtered to display specific Months (and/or) Years or All cumulative trades.
  • Changed P&L bar color. Now is a neutral blue instead of green, which was confusing when looking at negative analysis figures.
  • Show/Hide buttons for displaying hidden reference cells.
  • Modified the top-header section to incorporate linked buttons instead of text links.
  • New identification area to show which Tracking sheet the user is on.


Trade Summary (New sheet)!!!:

  • Summarizes all pertinent trade info on one sheet, automatically.
  • Print parameters are preset to print each trade outcome on one organized sheet.
  • Also displays any hyperlinked image (from the Symbol column in the TradingLog).



  • Added buttons to Expand/Collapse the center of the menu (making the menu easier to view).
  • Reconfigured the order of a couple of sections.
  • Deleted the Toolbox link in favor of the TJS Support page.


Forex PosSizer sheet:

  • Modified “Micro Lot” formulas.
  • Added “Units” calculations.


v7.1 – v7.4

Feb, 2014

  • Workbook,   Modified coding for the Data-transfer function that presented a Run-time error for some users.
  • CFD TradingLog,   Cells (B19 – B20) were mistakenly ‘protected’ preventing users from clicking them without ‘unprotecting’ the sheet.
  • Workbook,   Code rewrite to fix an isolated (Mac2011) issue where one user could not open the file.
  • HomeMenu,   Code change for the Data-transfer function. The code will now detect when a user has deleted a sheet.
  • TradingLogs (all),   Added “Caution” comment in top-header to help prevent users from Deleting or Inserting rows.
  • Options TradingLog,   Resized the data table for “Sort” button functionality when user manually changed the Contract Size multiplier. 


June – Sep, 2014

  • Progress Chart,   Modified code for Mac users who got error message (Mac vba issue).
  • Scale In/Out,   Revised aesthetics.
  • Futures TradingLog,   Added “Total # Points” calculation at the bottom of the table.
  • Forex TradingLog,   Added “Total # PIPs” calculation at the bottom of the table.
  • TradingLogs (all),   Added five additional columns for ‘user’ to customize their own columns.
  • TradingLogs (all),   Revised “Risk Amount” formula in header to be dynamic (always current based on Closed Equity).
  • TradingLogs (all),   Equity-curve filter was not working for some users. Modified vba code – fixed.
  • Progress Chart,   Modified vba code to be compatible with expanded data table.


Oct. 2014

  • TradingLogs (all),   Modified ‘protection’ attributes, making it easy for users to insert comments in cells without having to unprotect the sheet.
  • Tracking sheets (all),   Created a custom filter enabling users to view analysis by either Gross or Net P&L (was only Gross before).


May, 2015

  • Accounts,   Added ability for users to Insert Comments in cells.
  • Progress Chart,   Enlarged chart area.
  • Scale In/Out,   Modified aesthetics (colors and formats, etc.).  Revised instructions.
  • Options Trading Log,   Modified “Expiry” column formula – will no longer read “Expired” on the same day of Expiry (it will read “0”).
  • Options Tracking sheet,   Deleted ‘numbers’ in the Codes column in the “Trading Indicator” section, which affected the display of the Ultimate Trade Analyzer in some situations.

 v7.8 – v7.8.4

Sep. 2015

  • Tracking sheets (all),   Modified aesthetics in top Header. Created new buttons for “Hide/Unhide” of hidden reference cells.
  • Trading Logs,   Added capability to adjust “Closed Equity” to coincide with Accounts sheet ledger (when adding Deposits or Withdrawals) – view the CT column.
  • Trade Summary sheet,   Modified instructional message at top of sheet.

Mar 28. 2016

  • Workbook,   “Data-transfer” function. Modified vba code preventing Equity-curve graph from displaying a “0” at far-right edge. This only occurred to some users (variables unknown) who transferred their data from an older TJS version, to a newer version. 
  • Trading Logs,   Data-validated and Pop-up comment revisions. Minor formula revision in “Closed Equity” column.
  • Tracking sheets (all),   Comment revisions to: (Expectancy, Entry Strategy, Reversal Times).

May 19. 2016

  • Workbook,   Minor aesthetic, comments and data-validated message modifications. All Pricing cells are now “shrink-to-fit”.
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